The After Party Guide to a Happy Belly and Body

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What's included in the After Party Mini-Course for a Happy Belly and Body?

  • The After Party Guide (PDF download) - take time to reflect and unwind!
  • The After Party Full Practice Video - yoga asana, restorative techniques and Franklin Method
  • Belly Massage Quick Tips (PDF download) - learn before practicing how to make this safer, more effective, anymore relaxing!
  • Belly Massage Practice Video - one of my favorite ways to move gas, bloating, and constipation along!

You also receive 2 Bonus Audio Meditation tracks for free with this mini-course, and access to me via email for ongoing support as you work through the practice at home!

This mini-course is valued at $79 - but I'm offering it for only $44 so you can get started, save some moola and feel supported in getting your digestion and energy back on track.

See you on the inside!

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