Runner’s Tune Up

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The Runner’s Tune Up Online Program is perfect for you if:

You want to understand the anatomy and biomechanics of running – so you run more efficiently, safely

You want your body to be a force absorbing and transferring machine – so you feel better and recover faster

You want your mind focused and able to strategically improve your performance – on the spot


In RTU, we cover these four key areas:

* Easy, do-anywhere corrective exercises to improve posture, breathing capacity, and force absorption

* Cross training movements to keep you strong, connected, and ready for the road (or trails!)

* Education on how to improve your running form for economy & comfort and power & performance

* Meditation and Imagery to get your mind in gear with your goals, improve function and increase motivation


What's included?

The Runner’s Tune Up Get Prepped Guide

* Establish your baseline of motivation, training, and reflect on current results.

* Set goals that motivate you, and clarify what you want to achieve and why.

* Learn my top 4 interventions to establish your running form foundation.

* Prepare your mind and lifestyle to get the most benefit from the course!

The Runner's Tune Up Online Program has 6 Video-Based Weekly Modules

Module One

Tune Up VIDEO // A Strong Foundation: Feet and Ankles

RTU Cross Training VIDEO // How To Deep Squat + Use Central Axis Imagery

Module Two

Tune Up VIDEO // How To Swing and Stride: The Psoas and Hip Joints

RTU Cross Training VIDEO // Squat Variations for Multi-faceted Strength

Imagery On The Go: Being Pulled and Falling Forward

Module Three

Tune Up VIDEO // Upper Body Love: Open Up Your Posture and Breathing

RTU Cross Training VIDEO // Leg Strength Variations + Not-Your-Usual Planks

Imagery On The Go: Continue practice of Being Pulled, Falling Forward, and Tail Wind

Module Four

Tune Up VIDEO // Upper Body Love: Posture Practice with Sliding Scapula

Cross Training VIDEO // High Knees, Hinges, and Hops

Imagery On The Go: Twist, Baby – Cross Lateral Tips for Efficiency, Speed and Power

Module Five

Tune Up VIDEO // Relax Your Jaw, Soften Your Eyes and Central Axis Imagery

Cross Training VIDEO // All about movement: You’re an animal!

Imagery On The Go: Get Your Wheels Turning with the Pelvic Wheel

Module Six

Tune Up VIDEO // Total Body Tune Up

Cross Training VIDEO // A Celebratory Circuit – total movement practice challenge

Imagery On The Go: Tips for Conquering Hills and MORE!

Are you ready for your Runner's Tune Up? Join us in March 2016!


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