Embody Your True Center: 2019

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Did you know that more than one-third of US women have some type of pelvic floor disorder (PFD) and 1 in 4 have one or more PFDs that cause symptoms?

You're not alone, and I created this course to dispel myths and help women finally get intelligent movement education related to pelvic health - beyond the commonly (overly) prescribed kegels that research shows are not always the best approach, may even make things worse, and many people don't actually even do them correctly. A whole person, dynamic and embodied approach is needed - EYTC!

Common doesn't mean normal, or permanent. I believe there's always room for self-growth and healing progress, no matter how acute or how long you've dealt with your symptoms. Let's trust a vision of compassionate support, embodiment and devoted practice driven by hope as the new norm, shall we?

The stats above mean it's pretty likely that you (or perhaps several of your friends) have experienced symptoms like leaking pee, pressure or heaviness, pelvic pain, back aches or hemorrhoids. Not to mention the many women I've found to be desiring more wholeness, sensuality, pleasure, vitality and liberated self expression - happy bonuses of embodying this sacred space within the body, our pelvis. I'll walk this journey with you and I'm honored to be your guide.

In this online program, you'll discover:

  • how to dynamically upgrade your seated and standing posture so your core and pelvic floor can work better and support you, all day long
  • how to strengthen and open your hips at the same time through movement and imagery
  • explore your own body and sensual awareness in a safe, sacred space
  • feel and sense the inner map of your own pelvis, to receive clues through sensation, breath, energy and more - so you can better meet your own needs and feel vital, strong and at peace

This program includes:

  • A Progress Tracking Chart so you stay on track and make progress
  • The Begin To Embody Your Pelvic Health Guide (pdf download)
  • 5 Guided Practices for sitting, standing, squats, and floor work so you can connect with your sturdy and supple foundation - all quick and effective audios you can use on the go!
  • Landing: A Seated Meditation to Focus Your Mind and Map Your Foundation (audio)
  • Relax and Reconnect to Your True Center Guided Meditation (audio)
  • Anatomy Explorations and Evidence-based lectures on the many factors influencing pelvic health
  • Essential Pelvic Floor Practices for Every Woman - Two detailed practices suitable for both relaxation and strength; contains yoga, imagery, dance movements and Franklin Method
  • Private Facebook Group and Additional Support

Join us!